Groton Community Dinners started in 2009 as an initiative by a number of community groups in and around Groton, MA. We strive to provide nourishment and strengthen the bonds of community.

Dear friends of GCD,

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that the September 2018 dinner on Friday, September 28th, will be our last dinner. While volunteers come forward every month to help us build community, the leadership of our organization has been dwindling. We don't have enough people to do the work of the Board of Directors and other key positions.
 Thus, we have decided to go on hiatus for one year. If, in that time, somebody or somebodies step forward to take over, we will happily give them everything they need to start Groton Community Dinners up again, including equipment, money saved, volunteer lists, and so on.
Thanks to the community of Groton and surrounding towns, and to our many volunteers and diners, who made this endeavor worthwhile and long-lasting (over 9 years!).
Brenna Mayer 
Chair, Board of Directors
Groton Community Dinners