What to Expect

Who is welcome? Do I have to live in Groton?
Everyone is welcome! Our dinner is free to encourage all community members, both in Groton and the surrounding areas, to attend, whether they are in need of a warm meal, welcoming company, or a service opportunity. Groton Community Dinners is a true multi-generational event, blending community members from all walks of life.

Is dinner truly free?
Yes, dinner is always free. You are welcome to join our mission by donating your opinion, your time, or a financial contribution of any size.

Handicapped accessible? Easy parking?
Yes. We are fully handicapped accessible and parking is close to the door.

Are reservations necessary?
No, reservations are not necessary. Come as you are.

Do you have transportation if I do not drive at night?
Currently, we do not have transportation but hope to partner with other community groups to be able to offer it soon!

Where do I sit?
You are welcome to sit wherever you feel comfortable, or we are happy to find you and your party seats together. We sit communally so we can all connect with new people.